North Carolina Kyokushinkai Karate




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"Worlds Strongest Karate"
Dojo Address: 1715 10th Ave. NE.   Hickory NC 28601   828-328-8082

Class Days and Times                                    

Tuesday & Thursday  6:30 PM - 8:00PM

Children's Class Hours  6:30 until 7:15 PM

 Adult Class until 8:00 PM

Visitors and guests are welcome!  

Grand Master Darrell R Wilson 8th Degree Black Belt        Hachi Dan










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Sandan Speagle wins in full contact competition in N.Y. 2013
OSU!                                                            Welcome to our website and authentic Kyokushinkai style of Karate.  Our dojo instruction is traditional instruction, following Koncho Mas Oyama's wishes. Students are taught Japanese terminology and our kumite is hard and demanding.  Our instructors do not believe in excessive protective gear as this leads to a false sense of protection and leaves a student vulnerable during a crisis where Karate techniques may be needed. Hand/foot gear is all equipment that is allowed in our traditional karate dojo. Tournaments have turned into a trophy for "everyone" and a lack of true technique separating the winners from losers!   We Teach only the "BEST" traditional style of karate!

            Master Lail 6th Dan             Dojo Instructor